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How to make room for the children of different sexes

How to make room for the children of different sexes

Making room for the children of different sexes - not an easy task.

In order to successfully solve it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the room, the lighting, the age of the children, their character, relationships and much more.



Choose furniture for children, based on the sizepremises. In small apartments wardrobe better place in a corridor or in the parents' room, freeing up more space for games. Save space help bunk beds and a special cabinet furniture for children, in which the working or sleeping place can be built into a section for storage.


Divide the room into zones for sleep, study and play. Consider the need to create a personal space for each child. In addition a separate bed, boys and girls need to have their workplace and a place for toys. Desks best place near the window, so that children can do their homework in natural lighting.


Divide the room for my brother and sisters will help the color. Maiden of the room okleyte pink, peach or pale-yellow wallpaper. Half walls to mark the boy's blue, blue or green. Visually divide the room by using color as possible, using a variety of decorative items: carpets, pillows, pictures, wall applications and curtains. When making a room, consider the possible desire of children.


Making it easier for the children's room close byage. For example, in the room opposite-sex preschoolers can put two small beds, a small table for children's creativity and to organize a large play area. Many kids do not like to share their toys, so you need to make two storage areas for children of different sexes. Dolls can be removed in a bright chest, and cars and designers - in the lower part of the wardrobe.


If between opposite-sex children there is a difference5 years or more, you must pay special attention to the arrangement of personal space for each child. Sleeping Zone can be divided by a curtain or a colorful screen. Workplace student, you need to arrange so that the youngest child could not get a notebook, books or pens.

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