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How to decorate the hall

How to decorate the hall</a>

Celebration, celebration is a joyful event for people. In the world there are many different celebrations.

And the most common ones are the New Year,Certain calendar days (March 8, February 23), Birthday, and, of course, a wedding ... An integral part of the holiday are not only delicious treats, elegant clothes, beautiful make-up, but also the decoration of the hall.

You can decorate not only the hall, but also any room, office or apartment.

You will need

  • To decorate the halls you will need balls.
  • Balls - this is the most common decoration.
  • They can be helium blown, and ordinary.
  • Fabric - it gives lightness and refinement to the hall. It all depends on what material you choose (organza, chiffon, satin).
  • You can decorate the room with all sorts of decorative materials.
  • The richest ornament is living flowers, for example roses.



Any room, no matter if it's a banquet roomRestaurant or dining room - it is necessary to decorate. The decorations support the atmosphere of this holiday, the mood of the guests. When you decorate the hall - you should not forget about your imagination, and most importantly, about the sense of proportion. If you decorate the hall with balls, then choose more suitable colors that would be combined with the hall. But, most importantly, the balls do not merge with it in the color scheme. The simplest decoration - a balloon with helium, which runs under the ceiling throughout the hall, and on the tables make the composition "fountains". "Fountain" can be made of three, five or more balls. If you want something more original, it will depend on the holiday. There are many kinds of ornaments for weddings, children's holidays, New Year.


If you want to decorate the wedding hall, you canMake not only the various "fountains" on the tables, but also the helium chains above the main table (the groom and the bride usually sit behind this table), figures from balls (swans, hearts), and also letters. You can hang various delicate translucent fabrics with drapery. Close the material chairs and tables. Sometimes do floral decorations. Arrange around the hall of the composition of roses, lilies. They put flowers on the main table, at the entrance, you can make a whole arch of flowers! For children's holidays, decorations with flowers and cloth will not do. Children love everything colorful, bright, and most importantly, so that it can be played. Therefore, the best way for a child to make figures from balls: you can put into life any favorite toy. It will turn out to be very large, bright, easy and convenient for carrying. For example, you can make a clown, a big fairy-tale octopus, a bright typewriter, some fairy-tale characters.


New Year. This holiday is absolutely for everyone: from child to adult. Usually Christmas trees are put on the New Year. They decorate them with various materials: Christmas toys, bows, candles, garlands, tinsel, serpentine, "rain". But you can also show your imagination and decorate with snowflakes, which you yourself can make from colored shiny paper. New Year's Hall can also be decorated with a multicolored tinsel, scatter balls around the floor. This will create a fabulous mood.

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