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How to decorate the hall

How to decorate the hall

Holidays and celebrations - a joyful event for people. In the world there are many different celebrations.

But the most common are - New Year,specific calendar days (8 March, on February 23), Birthday, and, of course, the wedding ... An integral part of the festival are not only delicious food, elegant clothes, beautiful makeup, but also the decoration of the hall.

You can decorate not only the room, but any room, office or apartment.

You will need

  • To decorate the halls you'll need balls.
  • Balls - this is the most common decoration.
  • They may be inflated with helium and ordinary.
  • Fabric - it gives lightness and finesse hall. It all depends on what kind of material you choose (organza, chiffon, satin).
  • Decorate the room can be all kinds of decorative materials.
  • The richest decoration - it is fresh flowers, such as roses.



Every room, no matter whether it is a banquet hallrestaurant or dining room - it is necessary to decorate. Jewellery maintain the atmosphere of the festival, the guests mood. When you decorate the room - do not forget your fancy, and most importantly, a sense of proportion. If you decorate the room balls, choose a suitable color, that would be combined with the audience. But the main thing that the balls are not merged with it in the colors. The simplest decoration - it is inflated with helium balloons that launch to the ceiling around the room, and on the tables do "fountains" of the composition. "Fountain" may be made of three, five or more balls. If you want something more original, it will depend on the holiday. There are many types of jewelry for weddings, children's parties, New Year.


If you want to decorate the wedding hall, it is possiblenot only do the various "fountains" in the tables, but helium and chains over the main table (this table is usually sitting bride and groom), figures from spheres (swans, hearts) and bukvy.Mozhno hang with various drapery delicate translucent fabric. Close material chairs and tables. Sometimes doing floral decorations. Are placed around the room composition of lilies. Put flowers on the main table at the entrance, and is possible to make an entire arch of flowers! For children the holiday decorations with flowers and cloth will not do. Kids love all the colorful, bright, and most importantly, that this could play. Therefore the child to make the best shape of balls: you can realize any favorite toy. It will be a very large, bright, easy and convenient when moving. For example, it can be a clown, fairy large octopus, brilliant car, any fairy-tale characters.


New Year. This holiday is for absolutely everyone from the baby until the adult. Usually New Year tree pose. Decorate them with different materials: Christmas decorations, bows, candles, garlands, tinsel, serpentine, "rain." But you can express their imagination and decorate with snowflakes, which you'll be able to make a colored shiny paper. New room can be decorated and colored tinsel, balls scattered on the floor. Thus is created a fabulous mood.

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