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How to decorate a plate picture Pizza

How to decorate a plate picture Pizza

Ceramic ware for a long time became popular, and certainly she will never go out of style. And all because she, like us, too, is capable of change.

I'm getting to that from unsightly, it can turn into a beautiful and original as it can be decorated with paintings.

I suggest you paint the ceramic plate pattern "Pizza."

You will need

  • - White ceramic tarelka-
  • - Acrylic paints on glass and keramike-
  • - kistochka-
  • - spirt-
  • - cotton pad.



Before painting, it is necessary to degrease the surface of the ceramic plate. To do this, soak a cotton ball in alcohol and then wipe their dishes. Now you can start painting.


First mix the paint so as to obtain the desired shade of yellow. Brush is necessary to draw the outline of a piece of pizza, and then fill it with paint.


Allow to dry basis, and then combine such colors: black, red, brown. The resulting color is necessary to draw the outline of pepperoni and carefully paint over it.


Once pepperoni dry, you can paint paint white light points.


The following represent all the rest on the plateproducts, such as olives, mushrooms. That is what you want. Just do not forget that you need to pick out the contour of each product.


Choosing a color for a picture, you need to take into account the fact that after the heat treatment on the ceramic plate image will darken.


Then picture the shadow of the pizza. While the ink is not dried up, moisten with water and brush gently blur the freshly painted strip. Thus, the shadow will be much more plausible.


It is necessary to draw a cheese. This should be done with a pale yellow color. Painted ceramic plates is complete!

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