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How to decorate photos

Photos storing memorable moments should always be on hand to in the gloomy overcast day to please you with pleasant memories.

To do this, you can decorate your photo album so that it will become an attractive part of the interior, and a desire to look into it will appear more and more often.

We will decorate the album, where the windows are provided for still images that are part of the exterior design.

You will need

  • - White paper
  • - instant coffee
  • - cotton pad
  • - Dried leaves or flowers
  • - glue



To decorate the album pick up a white paperin the size of the windows, in this case, 10x15 cm. In the instant coffee add a little water, dip into the mixture a cotton pad and paint our white leaves. By staining coffee leaves become uneven in color and have an attractive appearance of aged paper.


Glue your favorite dried leaves inrandomly glue. The natural material for decorating album should be prepared in advance: Gather the leaves, the flowers and put them in a few days to dry between the pages of the magazine. Top press down with something heavy to plant dry evenly. When the flowers are dry, they can already decorate photos.


Now you simply insert the resulting herbarium directly into an album and decorate the interior.

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