How to remove the cylinder head

How to decorate a paper plate


We invite you to make a very original dishes.

At any picnic, at sea, in the country - anywhere it will look very stylish and innovatively. This unusual dishes will be a colorful accent to any table.

It can be fed fruits, sweets or cakes.

Wasting no time, start entertaining work.

We need: paper disposable plates, scissors, acrylic paint and double-sided tape. Paint plates in different colors. Stained dense layer in a couple of stages. When the paint dries, cut out from the same plate color midway. We'll use them for details.

Cut claws for crab, wings and beak toseagulls and rays of the sun. You can improvise and come up with your own original plates. On the wings of a seagull feathers draw. At the base of the claw glue double-sided tape. Glue to claw platter with crab. Glue the beak and wings to a platter with a seagull. Cut equal triangles and sticking to them double sided tape. Circling glue rays of the sun. This is such a wonderful small plates we have.

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