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How to decorate a paper lamp

Paper lamps have several advantages: they are not expensive, compact, lightweight and suitable for any modern interior. However much they may seem boring and monotonous.

However, the solution is!

You yourself with your own hands can give them individuality, uniqueness and thus perfectly fit them into your interior.

You will need

  • - Paper Lamp
  • - Color paper
  • - wipes
  • - scissors
  • - glue



Cut out paper napkins and flowers of different sizes and shapes. In lieu of flowers can make a decoration of butterflies, hearts, leaves, or geometric shapes.


Try to put one flower to another, toget interesting layered flowers with different combinations of colors and shades. The resulting colors can be applied to the lamp and see how they will look on the surface. When you like the result - merge layers. You can use the PVA glue, it dries quickly, but not too, leaves no residue and can be purchased at any office supply store.


Now glue the flowers to the lamp. If you are afraid to spoil everything, try to put on a smooth surface composition, or even draw a sketch on paper.


When the flowers are glued and glue froze, slightly bend the petals. Hooray! You have finished decorating.

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