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How to place a house in the inheritance


How to place a house in the inheritance</a>

If an irreparable event happens? The death of a loved one, then people do not think that somewhere you need to go and create something.

Unfortunately this is the case.

A man left a testament or not, but heirs need to declare their rights to inheritance.

You will need

  • - certificate of death of the testator
  • -certificates of kinship with the testator
  • (If any)
  • -Providing documents on the house
  • - certificate from the place of residence about registration (deceased)
  • - extract from the home book (for the private sector)
  • - certificate of marriage (deceased)
  • -Cadastral passport for a land plot with an estimate of its value
  • -Technical passport for a house with an estimate of its cost
  • Certificate of opening a case of inheritance



The heirs of the deceased person must within 6Months to apply to a notary. Write a statement on the acceptance of the inheritance. A notary must present a package of documents. In the notary's office, the inheritance case will be opened.


The notary will give a list of documents that must be collected within 6 months in order to obtain a certificate of the right to inheritance, that is, to the house.


When collecting documents, it is necessary to remember theirLimited duration. In the rights of inheritance can enter no earlier than 6 months after the death of the testator. Documents must be collected shortly before this date, so that they are fresh, with an unexpired shelf life.


After the expiration of 6 months, the notary will issue a certificate of inheritance in your name.


It must be registered in the stateRegistration center. You will be given a certificate of the right to own a house and a plot of land, since the presence of a house always presupposes the availability of a land plot.

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