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How to decorate the garden with flowers

How to decorate the garden with flowers

Beautiful and well kept garden will please the eye of any gardener.

By planting flowers, you should not be limited to annual or perennial plants, should pay attention to their combination.

To be completed with a garden and vegetable plants, such as creating a flower garden of different types of onions.

You will need

  • Farmland, shovel, fertilizer, marigolds, geranium, zinnia, rhododendrons, spruce, castor oil plants, barberry, etc..



Planted along the Boardwalk and castor bean plants, will give her a great look. To create a darker shade of green among all, according togardenite barberry - its chestnut and red will become the predominant colors in the flower garden.


Be sure to pay attention to Astra. These flowers will delight you with its flowering until the onset of the first frost. And thanks to the fact that now there was a great variety of species of asters, you can choose what you prefer. The inflorescences of some varieties resemble roses, others - chrysanthemum, and the third like a peony.


For decorating the walls located on the sitewood or stucco home, you can use sweet pea, daisy, purple, echinacea, nasturtiums, etc. Also will look great walls covered with climbing plants:. honeysuckle, girlish grapes, Chinese magnolia vine, Actinidia and other similar plants.


If in gardenhave plenty of shade, the correctly selected plantshelp you to make these areas more expressive. In the shadow thrive hosts, ferns, rhododendrons, Aquilegia, ayugi, kampanuly, asters and others. Perennials. Those trees, that most of the time are in the shade, can be surrounded by dwarf evergreen shrubs with shallow root system that makes it easy to take care of them. For this purpose, suitable: tiarelly, Heuchera, ungulates, etc. From the colors on this site will look great Japanese and Siberian irises, phlox and lobelia..


If there is a pond on the site, and the area around it marshy, it is possible to decorate the moisture-loving plants. Suit rudbeckia or blooming all summer bright white roses-tetracorals.


There may begardenit flowers only one color scheme, creating in its gardenat the island of color therapy. It is believed that the sense of peace and joy gives garden of white color, red color fills the body warmth of fiery energy, blue flowers bring freshness and coolness, and yellow garden fill optimism, a sense of quiet joy.

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