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How to decorate a garden in French

How to decorate a garden in French

Anyone who has a small plot of land or a large garden, it would be desirable to receive from them the benefit and joy.

I lived for several years in the French countryside, and realized that the French love beauty in everything, even in small things.

They have some interesting secrets of the French kitchen garden.



Fenced off garden area of ​​low hedges, it is desirable to slow-growing. The French used to this and boxwood pruned it twice a year.


Set the plants indicators of small tiles of different colors. Sign the names of plants planted marker. And you get a rainbow on a sunny day.


Why not replace a flower bed, if space permits, a pond? This beautiful and practical. Do not forget about safety measures for children.


Of course, flowers. Even in the garden "square" (1m 20cm to 1m 20cm) French plant near the herbs nasturtium or marigolds.


Put the pumpkin. Its flowers decorate the French garden and fruit delight both adults and children.

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