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How to decorate a flower pot with a cloth

How to decorate a flower pot with a cloth

Are you tired of boring single color flower pots?

Make your imagination work.

All that you need - pieces of different colored cloth!

You will need

  • -Flower pot
  • -Small Pieces of different fabrics, size pick up on eye
  • -Brush
  • -Kley For applied research



To begin, prepare the tissue. It is necessary to cut each slice into small bands, the size 24H8 centimeters. Please note that with cotton and silk fabrics work easier.


Take a flower pot, clean the outer part of the dirt. Ex necessary, rinse, wipe dry. Above, using a brush, apply glue to applied research.


Starting from the top edge of the fabric in a circle stick. Distribute it evenly so that no unintentional creases.


The lower edges of the fabric can be cut or glued to the bottom of the pot.


Once you have pasted the fabric, it is necessary once more thoroughly cover the top layer of adhesive. Give a little dry. Your beautiful pot for flowers ready!

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