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How to decorate a festive table with flowers

How to decorate a festive table with flowers

When decorating a festive table with flowers, we want to give pleasure to all the guests gathered on the holiday.

Feast will take place in a special festive atmosphere, when the beautiful flower arrangements will be present at the table.

You can invite a professional florist, you can create a composition for the holiday table with their hands.

You will need

  • -floristichesky oasis for living colors-
  • -vazy-
  • -Color of different sizes.



In order to decorate a festive tableflowers, you must observe the following rules. The color scheme of the compositions to be combined with a tablecloth and table service. By creating a composition of flowers, remember that they should not be at eye level. The composition should be either below or above. Guests are free to see each other. When told they should not interfere with anything.


Flower arrangements can only occupy 1/5holiday table. If the table is served for 8 people, only one composition. If the table will gather more than 10 people - you need to have two songs. Round or rectangular composition is put on the table will depend on the shape of the table. For the round table we take circular composition, rectangular table decorate the rectangular composition.


Create a composition for the holiday decorationsthe table can be with their own hands. Cut the floral oasis with a sharp knife on the vessel size for the compositions. Put it in a container of water. Wait until he gets the water and sink to the bottom. Then place it in the prepared compositions for vases or vessels. Before installing in floral sponge with a sharp knife at an angle, trim the flowers. Do not place material again in the same hole. In order to decorate a festive table with flowers, use for the compositions of flowers of different sizes: large - for the base, fine - to fill the background.

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