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How to decorate the holiday table berries

How to decorate the holiday table berries

Berries - a wonderful decorative material, which you can decorate the interior of the apartment or a country house.

Bright colors and a variety of textures will help to enhance the beauty of any interior composition.

Berries can be an original way to issue a festive table or elegantly decorate the dishes, making serving a stylish and unique.

You will need

  • -Berries artificial
  • -Berries frozen
  • -Berries fresh
  • is flat dish
  • -svechi
  • -bokaly
  • -oazis for fresh flowers



Most berries has shades of redcolor, which itself looks like a solemn and elegant. It is easy to combine with the green, white, gold, silver. The berries are very decorative material, using a small amount, you can transform a variety of decor items. The paper can be used fresh, frozen, dried berry. If you are concerned about the durability, this problem is easily solved by artificial analogues, currently existing in a large assortment. Some high-quality copies at times impossible to distinguish from the real counterparts.


Red berries perfectly decorate flower bouquet. By adding the composition of flowers small amount of fruit, you can easily fit it into an already existing in the interior style of "country". Berries can be decorated with wreaths and garlands and wall composition of the needles or dried branches of the willow and birch.


When decorating a festive table, let us not forget about the desktopcompositions. On a flat plate set several different-sized candles. Fill the space around them berries, based on texture or color combinations. Regular wine glass can also be made the subject of decoration, turning in an interesting vase for flowers. Put it in a small amount of the oasis for cut flowers, fill any remaining space berries and paste into an oasis of several matching the colors of flowers. Several of these vases make a table festive and original.


However, the berries look great with a variety ofdecorative material. They can be combined not only with flowers, but also vegetables or fruit. Can not be combined with anything, but simply to place branches with berries in containers or spread out on a table in a small vase. In any case, the effect is stunning. Interior space can safely decorate the berries to various holidays or special occasions.

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