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How to decorate the manger

How to decorate the manger

It's always nice for someone to care for and particularly happy to see and understand what is valued.

We used to worry for our feathered friendsduring the cold season when the weather is not very happy and often becomes abnormal: the freezing rain and snow temperature drops turn into crust, the hardest frosts hit his cruelty. In such bad weather birds have the most difficult, they die of hunger and cold.

That's when a man comes to the rescue of birds, wintering with us.



Many bird feeders and birdhouses appear on the trees, window sills, roof. But more interesting to do bird feeder the subject of decorating your garden, yard or home to white winter began to play with bright colors. In the summer of unusual bird feeders will complement the interior of your house, and the birds - thankfully Twitter.


The options are many houses for the birds: from milk packets to wooden cottages. Jewellery can also be varied. Cut out the bird made of paper, it obkleyte samokleschyaeysya colored foil and place in the manger.


Hikers and lovers of the world can be placed on "houses" in miniature flags or symbols of states.


On a wooden birdhouse can make a roof of straw or twigs, "make a nest", plant improvised nestlings.


But the most "useful" and beautiful feedersobtained from cones, which are smeared with condensed milk, honey or melted chocolate and landslides in seeds, grains and seeds. Any tree will look stylish in this attire. Supplement composition can be beads of berries and fat, which are so fond of birds.


Even more creative look trough-decoration in the form ofhearts, stars, etc. Cut out cardboard figures obmazhte flour paste, add the seeds. Just turn on the imagination and make the world brighter and more delicious birds.

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