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How to decorate a trough

How to decorate a trough</a>

It is always pleasant to take care of someone and especially happy to see and understand that they appreciate it.

We are used to worry about our feathered friendsIn the cold season, when the weather is not particularly pleasing and often anomalous: then the icy rain and temperature changes turn the snow into nast, then the frosty frosts strike with its cruelty. In such a bad weather, birds are hardest hit, they are dying of hunger and cold.

That's it when a person comes to the aid of birds, wintering with us.



A lot of feeders and starling boxes appear on trees, windowsills, roofs. But it is more interesting to make Trough The object of decorating your garden, courtyard or house, so that the white winter will play with bright colors. In the summer, unusual feeders will complement the interior of your dacha, and birds - gratefully to Twitter.


Variants of houses for birds are many: From dairy packages to wooden cottages. Ornaments can also be varied. Cut out a bird of paper, glue it with a multi-colored self-adhesive film and place it on the feeder.


Travelers and lovers of the countries of the world can place on the "houses" flags in miniature or the symbols of states.


On a wooden birdhouse you can make a roof of straw or twigs, "nest", plant self-made chicks.


But the most "useful" and beautiful feeding troughsAre obtained from pine cones, which are coated with condensed milk, honey or melted chocolate and are padded in seeds, cereals and seeds. Any tree will look stylish in this decoration. Complement the composition can be beads of berries and lard, which is so fond of birds.


Even more creative look feeding troughs in the form ofHearts, stars, etc. Cut out of a thick cardboard figurines, cover with flour paste, add the grains. Just turn on the fantasy and make the world of the feathers brighter and tastier.

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