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How to decorate the column

How to decorate the column

Column - an attribute of the ancient and classical architecture.

In the holidays, celebrations, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays pillar column classic designers prefer to decorate decorative elements.

You will need

  • - Balloons
  • - Various forms of inflatable figures
  • - Color paper
  • - Wallpapers on the basis of the adhesive
  • - Gouache, oil washable paint color ink
  • - Decorative artificial creepers
  • - Improvised material to strengthen the composition (glue gun, fishing line, thread, etc.)



Inflatable decorations very original look at thecolumns. The lobby before the concert hall, having a plurality of columns, you can decorate the inflatable gold, bronze or silver stars. Krepjat such decorative ornaments to the columns glue gun.


Street column before being placed in a supermarketor kids' store would be right to decorate the pictures created from balloons. For example, inflatable flowers or stars. Make balls of various compositions helps knowing the basics Aerodesign. Balls of different shapes and colors are inflated, strung on cables of different lengths. The cable is attached to the column using a fishing line.


The compositions of the round balloons moreimpressive look is on the pillars. If the column is in front of office space, during the holidays it can entwine with garlands made of colored beads strung on the line or electric cable.


It is important to observe the color and decoration of its formcolumns, depending on the room where it is located or celebration, which is held in this room. Columns for wedding ceremonies should decorate with garlands of bright balloons. Children's parties - from multi-colored. Corporate celebrations formalized in the deep blue, dark green, purple and gold shades.


After securing the top of the column of the inflatable ringdecorative forms, it is possible from it on strings of different lengths to hang other ornaments, creating a scene image. For example, create a column under the dome of dark blue sky and down "from the sky", delete on the line or filaments "stars" and "month", carved out of golden paper, or inflatable.


In kindergartens columns to decorateapplications of colored paper. They can also hang wallpaper with adhesive backing. The column, if there is artistic talent, paint fantastic pictures using gouache, washable ink.


The easiest and most affordable way to decorate columns- WRAPPING their artificial ivy, a vine or these green creepers. To green plant entwine column pots with soil and plant roots are suspended at the top of the column. With the sprouting of its flower is fixed on the wall of the column, for example, a transparent adhesive tape or tie colorless fishing line. Only it should be done carefully, so that the plant could freely grow.

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