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How to decorate the car

Stickers protect from scratches during races

There are two basic ways of how to decorate the car. The first - the use of vinyl stickers.

This is the easiest and least expensive way to make your car bright and beautiful and noticeable.

In addition, it is also practical - vinyl stickers protect the bodywork from scratches, they are easy to remove when bored. And to paste the picture is easier than to apply it to the body paint.

The second method - use the airbrush.

This method is more expensive, but it looks much more spectacular than the sticker.



Decide what kind of a way to decorate the car you choose. The choice will depend largely on the financial possibilities. Vinyl stickers car will cost from 850 rubles, airbrush - from 15000 rubles.


Plan your time. On the production and application of labels to order (if you choose to order a sticker instead of ready-made options) will take no more than a week. Airbrush takes time for two weeks. Decide how you will at this time without the machine.


Before you decide on the choice of the company,which you entrust your car to find out as much information, read reviews on the internet, take the time to come and look at the work environment. Boxing, in which the work will be carried out, should be clean and dry. Ask and methods of work. Companies that specialize on stickers and airbrushing, using tried and tested techniques and technologies to avoid such embarrassing moments as the mismatch of colors, bubbles and inconsistencies with the wrapping, etc.


Decide on the theme of the figure. Note that the airbrush can paint the picture exactly what you want. But the label can be made to order according to customer's design.


Decide how long you want to travel by carwith this pattern. If you get tired of painted car, vinyl sticker is easy to remove. Figures in airbrush are permanent and temporary. One pattern is applied once and for all, the other can be washed, if desired.

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