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How to decorate a candle

A good gift for the holiday can be a candle,decorated with his own hands in the decoupage technique. Come up with different themes, such as mothers and sisters pick up a floral pattern, for dad - ornamental strip, and for friends - picture with funny little animals.

A New Year, you can do pattern with stars, angels and gifts.

You will need: Napkins with a picture, large candle, scissors, spoon, candle-tablet and universal circuit.

Divide the napkin into three layers from the top layer with a pattern cut favorite motifs. Heat a spoon over a candle flame a small tablet. Do it under the supervision of parents.

Attach a picture to a candle and push hotspoon. The wax melts under the napkin and stick to it. Drive the hot spoon around the pattern until it is completely pasted. Once all of the motifs on the candle will be fused, circle drawings universal circuit.

Council. To taped figure does not light candles from the flame, cover it with a thin layer of soap: a wet bar of soap and run a drawing.

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