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How to decorate a casket


How to decorate a casket</a>

Almost all needlewomen like to decorate household items.

You can decorate and jewelry box.

It is doubly pleasant to receive a gift box decorated with the author's own hand.

You will need

  • Wooden box, cotton wool, alcohol or vodka, PVA glue, decoupage napkins, acrylic white paint, acrylic lacquer, scissors, sponge, brush.



Decorate Casket In the technique of decoupage under everyone's power. Decoupage - decoration of the object with the help of napkins in order to give it the appearance of an object decorated with a painting. To decorate Casket, You need to choose a wipe with a suitable pattern and size. Scissors cut images from napkins along the contour.


The surface of the box is degreased. To do this, you must impregnate the cotton wool disc with alcohol or vodka, wipe the entire surface of the casket.


On the prepared surface with a brushApply a thick enough layer of PVA glue. After this, wait until the glue dries a little. Then use a sponge to cover the surface of the box with white acrylic paint, then dry the surface with a hair dryer. The hair dryer should be kept at a sufficiently short distance. During the drying process, beautiful cracks appear on the surface of the paint, imitating the aged coating.


From cut out fragments of napkins followsSeparate the layer with the picture. As a rule, napkins for decoupage are three-layer. The lower two layers are not needed. The pattern should be sprinkled with hairspray and ironed. To paste the surface of the casket with napkins, dilute in proportions 1: 1 glue PVA with water. Attach the drawing to the surface of the casket, moisten the brush in the glutinous mixture, with gentle movements from the center to the edges, smooth the pattern, moistening it with a brush. Try to do this procedure carefully and carefully, a wet napkin is very easily broken. To achieve a good result, you should not allow the appearance of bubbles under the pattern.


After the box is pasted with napkins, you need to let the surface dry. Then you need to cover Casket Acrylic lacquer. Let thoroughly dry each layer of varnish. After the varnish has dried, you can use Casket For its intended purpose.

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