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How to decorate a box

How to decorate a box

Almost all needlewoman love to decorate everyday objects.

Decorate the can and jewelry box.

Doubly pleased to receive as a gift a casket decorated with the author himself.

You will need

  • Wooden box, cotton pads, alcohol or vodka, PVA glue, napkins for decoupage, acrylic white paint, acrylic paint, scissors, sponge, brush.



Garnish casket decoupage technique under the force of each. Decoupage - decorating the subject using the tissue in order to give it the appearance of an object, decorated with paintings. To decorate casket, To select a suitable pattern napkins and size. Use scissors to cut out images of tissue along the contour.


The surface is degreased boxes. To do this, soak a cotton pad with alcohol or vodka, wipe the entire surface of the box.


On the prepared surface using a brushapply a thick layer of white glue. After that, wait until the glue dries slightly. Next, using a sponge is necessary to cover the surface of boxes of white acrylic paint, then dry the surface of the hair dryer. Dryer should be kept at a fairly short distance. In the process of drying the paint surface cracks formed beautiful, imitate the aged coating.


From fragments of tissue should be cutseparate layer with a pattern. As a rule, three-ply napkins to decoupage. The bottom two layers are not necessary. Figure should sprinkle with hair spray and iron the iron. To paste over the surface of the box wipes, dissolve in 1: 1 ratio of PVA glue with water. Attach a picture to the surface of the box, soak the brush in the glue mixture, careful movements from the center to the edges smooth the drawing, moistening it with a brush. Try repeating this carefully and gently, wet cloth very easily torn. To achieve a good result you need to avoid the appearance of bubbles below the figure.


Once the box is lined with napkins, it is necessary to dry the surface. Then you need to cover casket acrylic lacquer. Allow to dry thoroughly each layer of lacquer. After the varnish has dried, you can use casket for its intended purpose.

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