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How to decorate a bag in the oriental style

bag in the oriental style

Plain satin bag can be turned into a luxury handbag, which even my mother would not be ashamed to go to the theater, and you - a holiday or a school night.

The whole secret of transformation - in your ability to paint fabric oriental ornaments and beaded with sequins embroider.

You will need

  • - Handbag bag-satin
  • - iron
  • - Sequins and beads
  • - The golden path for tissue
  • - Dye cloth
  • - brush
  • - Thread and needle



Handbag-bag of satin iron the iron. Gold contour draw "Turkish cucumber" - a decorative element of the eastern ornament. Decorate the outer contour pattern of cucumber in small droplets.


The bottom edge of the bag and decorate with smallcucumber and drops. The inside of a large cucumber paint the paint on fabric, following the shape of the main circuit. Top decorate the bag drops, leave the fabric to dry for a day, and then iron the iron to fix the paint.


Embroidered bag: of injection needle from the inside and pull it from the front, sequin string on the needle, and then the bead. Sew the decoration of injection needle into the hole sequins, and fasten thread on the wrong side.


Embroidered with sequins whole bag permanentlysticking a needle inside the bag so as not to make his hand. Your bag in oriental style stands out among other rich palette of colors, bright pattern on the entire surface and the presence of sequins.

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