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How to decode digital channels

How to decode digital channels

Many people when buying a new TV faced with such a problem, how to decode digital channels.

Some of it is easy to solve, others - are subjected to some difficulties. Least of all the problems arise from those who buy a special device - a decoder.

In the form he usually performs card legal access to digital television.

The signal received by a satellite dish and sent to the receiver, decoded by dw-specific keys.

You will need

  • - satellite antenna-
  • - DVB-card-
  • - ProgDVB- program
  • - Plug-MD Yankse 1.32.2 TT-
  • - Plug-Softcam Server 1.2.3



Set in the slot of the motherboard computerDVB-card type SkyStar 2. Download and install the legendary program ProgDVB. It has a user-friendly interface, free and running smoothly. Under it is written enough plug-ins that can decode digital channels.


Install the plug-MD Yankse 1.32.2 TT. It allows you to dynamically monitor the monitors through their process of selection key. Its installation is not difficult, it takes just unzip the archive with the program in the root ProgDVB program. The plugin then appear in the "Plugins" tab.


Install Softcam Server 1.2 program.3 to the root of ProgDVB program. It will download the online decryption algorithm and key. They change all the time, otherwise why monthly payment, but sometimes the key change occur much faster, for example, NTV + changes every 15 seconds. But channelsWhich are encoded in the BISS and Cryptoworks, their change is not as common as their base - softcam.key files, keys.bin, easy.key, are publicly available.


Run ProgDVB program, set up a satellite antenna and scan it. Save received channels. Thereafter, they appear in the left part of the program. Open or FTA channels They will be highlighted in green button when you open them no problem. Closed or coded channels in the BISS and Cryptoworks - red. Click on one of them, wait 4-5 seconds, and plug-ins will begin to decipher it. I have no configuration is needed, by default, they have already put down logically enough, everything is done automatically. If there is a delay, then do this: press a sequence of plug & gt- yankse & gt- Show Monitor, with the result that the decryption process will enforce. The plug-ins can not be currently valid key, so enter it manually in the window that appears. This method, although in many countries it is illegal, but the responsibility for it in Russia.

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