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Otver from nettles from dandruff



Dandruff may result from stainingHair or a change of habitual cosmetic means, with malnutrition, lack of vitamins and some diseases. When she appears, you should consult your doctor to determine the cause.

However, it is possible to combat external manifestations even at home.

One of the most popular tools isnettle. If the scalp is fat, and dandruff does not appear immediately after washing your head, and after the hair becomes greasy, it means that you need to fight with fatty dandruff. Nettle decoction helps in this. It is advisable to use fresh leaves, but you can take and dried shredded leaves and rhizomes.
To prepare the broth you need to take 500 gLeaves of nettle and boil them in 0.5 l of water for 15 minutes. Decoction cool and drain. To apply it is necessary, after each washing of a head as a conditioner, without washing off. The broth of nettle will not only save you from dandruff, but it will also strengthen the hair and give it shine.
Dry nettles of nettle can also be used to prepare a decoction, adding to it 1 glass of vodka or alcohol. The obtained lotion should be wiped off the scalp.
The lotion should be used within 10 days, there is no restriction to use the decoction. During treatment it is desirable to wash your head as rarely as possible.

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