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Decoction of nettle dandruff


Dandruff can occur as a result of staininghair or change the usual cosmetic products, with the wrong diet, lack of vitamins and certain diseases. When it appears, it is necessary to consult a doctor to determine the cause.

However, to deal with the external manifestations and can be at home.

One of the most popular means isnettle. If the scalp is oily, and dandruff does not appear immediately after shampooing, and after the hair becomes greasy, then it is necessary to struggle with oily dandruff. This is very good broth nettle. It is advisable to use fresh leaves, but you can take and dried crushed leaves and rhizomes.
To prepare the broth should take 500 gnettle leaves and boil in 0.5 l of water for 15 minutes. The broth cool and strain. Apply necessary after each shampooing as a rinse, without washing. Broth nettle not only get rid of dandruff, but also strengthen the hair and give them shine.
Dried nettle rhizomes can also be used to prepare a decoction by adding 1 cup of vodka or alcohol. The resulting lotion is necessary wipe the scalp.
The lotion should be used within 10 days, restrictions on the use of broth there. During treatment, it is desirable as it is possible to wash your hair less often.

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