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The names of some of the states that are used in everyday life, different from their official names.

In most cases, this is due to the fact that the official name is an abbreviation.

One of these countries - China.

Most often, this country called China. The official name is lurking under the abbreviation of China, stands as follows: People's Republic of China.

people's republic

Today, China - Statesocialist, and his name is built on the same principle, which is held by many other countries, rising to the path of socialist construction. Along with the name of the country as such used two elements. The word "republic" refers to a form of government, and the epithet "popular" - the socialist system, because it was assumed that the power in this country belongs to the people.
So there were the names of the People's RepublicBulgaria (PRB), the Polish People's Republic (Poland), Hungarian People's Republic, and others. Rejecting the socialist system, these countries are excluded from their titles the word "people", and is now called the Republic of Bulgaria, the Republic of Poland, Hungary. China as from socialism is not refused, and is not going to give up, however, and is now referred to as the People's Republic of China - China.

origin of name

On the origin of everything is clear abbreviations, but the question remains as to why the Republic of China.
The Chinese themselves call their country Zhongguo -"Middle country". China - is a learned Russian language of the European name of China, which appeared in the Middle Ages, with the light hand of Marco Polo. Initially, it had a slightly different view - Cathay. The word goes back to the title of the Khitan tribe.
The paradox lies in the fact that the tribe isChina was not. It was protomongolskoe tribe that came from Manchuria and the seizure of North China. Modification of the name of the tribe was fixed for this territory, and then for China as a whole.

Other meanings abbreviations

In the first half of the twentieth century, there were two more public education that took its name from the abbreviation of China.
One of them - the Crimean People's Republic. Its proclaimed November 26, 1917 Kurultai of Crimean Tatars held in Bakhchisaray. The following January, Soviet power was established in the Crimea, and the republic ceased to exist.
Somewhat later - in 1918-1920. - There Kuban People's Republic, which is also abbreviated as China. It was situated on the territory, where now there is a part of Krasnodar Krai, Karachaevo-Cherkessia, Stavropol region, Rostov region and Adygea.
However, these two government entities can only speak today in a historical context, while the People's Republic of China continues to this day.

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