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How to decipher children's drawings


How to decipher children's drawings</a>

Sometimes parents completely do not think that the mood and emotional balance of the child can be determined by his drawings.

The color scale, the plot, the richness of colors can tell a lot about the state of health and the attitude of the baby to the surrounding world.



The greatest amount of information is provided by colorScale of the picture. This area of ​​child psychology is devoted to a large number of studies. It was found that the kids choosing black, gray, brown for the drawing are depressed or in a depressed state. Sometimes this can be an indicator of anxiety or low self-esteem of a child. Therefore, if in the drawings of crumbs dark shades predominate, one should pay attention to his state of mind.


If in the drawings of your child the redColor, then, perhaps, he is somewhat annoyed, his nervous system is in a state of tension. Sometimes this can be due to the lack of emotional relaxation.


The choice of a child in favor of blue, dark blue andPurple shades suggests that he is probably in a bad mood or he is too sensitive about the events around him, maybe the kid is concerned about something. In this case, you need to find out the cause of the anxiety in the child, and also to support him. Sometimes the pastel shades of the picture may indicate the anxious state of the baby.


On the state of the child it is worth considering if the choiceThe same colors are repeated systematically. If your kid today used red, and tomorrow black paint, do not be upset, because children are great fans of experiments, especially in terms of creativity.


On the attitude of the child to the world around himGive not only the color scheme of the picture, but also the plot depicted on it. If all the characters (parents, brothers, sisters, animals) are made in the same color or have the same size, then this indicates the same attitude of the child to them. If one of them stands out against the general background, for example, is too large, then this character is especially significant for the baby. Conversely, the small character depicted in the corner of the picture, or the absence of any family member, indicates that the participation of the person in the life of the child is not noticeable.

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