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How to decide whether to write the statement of claim in court

How to decide whether or not to write the statement of claim in court

Sometimes in life there are situations that can only resolve in court.

In these cases, a person must make a decision on whether he should go to court.

When it is advisable to go to court

Currently, any citizen of the RussianFederation may apply to the court if he believes that his rights have been violated. In this case the defendant can act as a natural person or legal. every Russian rights reflected in the Constitution. If a person believes that unlawful acts have been committed against him, he can write an application to the court.
Often people begin to question whether they shouldgenerally apply to the courts. As a rule, they are afraid of a long procedure for submission of documents, the need to attend meetings. In addition, there is no guarantee that the judgment will be rendered in favor of the plaintiff, and then executed bailiffs. Unfortunately, the current system is arranged so that the proceedings can take a long time. That is what stops many people from asserting their rights. However, if a person is convinced that in the end he wins the lawsuit, he should not be afraid of losing precious personal time.
Everyone should make their owna decision on whether he should try to resolve the conflict in court. Meanwhile, lawyers believe that to assert their rights is required. If the law is on the side of the potential plaintiff, then you can safely go to court.
Turning to the judicial authorities in humansthere is hope that justice still prevail. Besides, this way you can punish the defendant, clearly showing him that for any unlawful acts will have to answer before the law.
Before you decide on filingstatement is to study the existing legislation, and even better to consult with a specialist. Ideal - to speak directly with the judge. Now it can be done at specialized forums.

Access to courts

In deciding on the need for judicialproceedings, it must be remembered that the statement of claim must be submitted to the district court at the defendant's registration. In some cases it is necessary to apply to the arbitration court. As a rule, property disputes considered in the arbitration court.
In drawing up the statement of claim and during the court proceedings the claimant may need the assistance of experienced lawyers. It is advisable to think about it in advance and find a competent lawyer.
If the pre-trial or during the court proceedings the defendant decides to settle the dispute amicably, the claimant shall have the right to go to the settlement agreement, and to desist from further litigation.

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