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How do you decide what to spend the money

How to spend money

In my head there are hundreds of images that need to buy, if your wallet is empty. But as soon as money come, come to doubt - what to buy, what to spend the money?

Light head and cold calculation will help to make the right decision.

Spend the money available is not too difficult. You can pull the money for entertainment and friends, buy some insanely expensive, but absolutely useless thing in the end, you can "eat through" all his savings, allowing himself not cheap delicacies.
Much more difficult to dispose of your moneyso, then to not be excruciatingly painful for the senseless waste. Successful and wealthy people always know what to do with their money, so financial success is next to them in life.

Psychological methodology: how to spend the money?

Psychological methods of decision-making is verysimple. It is important to only one thing: a person working in a manner to be very frank with yourself. Thus, the amount of money determined, and you need to decide where to spend it. To do this, create a list of purchases or expenses that a person would like to do. Naturally, the cost of each purchase does not exceed the total amount of money available on the hands. It is desirable to include in the list of positions of 50-100.
Once the list is compiled, a person mustask yourself one question: "Where would I spend the money if I knew - this is the last day of my life?" At this point, the mind turns on and rejects all non-serious options, imposed or meaningless. It remains a few positions from which to choose is easier.

Spending the money to good use

If we talk about spending the money to good use, it is important to consider several aspects of life, which often require timely investments. These include:
Health. Behind it is necessary to watch, or old age comes earlier than expected. To keep yourself in shape will have to spend the money: in the vitamins and fitness, a healthy food and quality health care if it is needed.
Recreation. Both body and mind need rest. Simply systematically go on vacation than to spend huge sums on preparations from nervous and physical exhaustion.
Travels. Sooner or later, old age will come. It will be very sad to realize that his whole life and was unable to see the world. At least once in 1-2 years need to allocate funds for the trip.
Talents. His skill is not buried in the ground, they need to develop. Probably, this will require a certain amount of money.
Items of daily use. Quality clothing and footwear, household appliances, personal effects - all important time to buy and maintain.
Home comfort. House - a place of rest, and let it be a nice place. The most important thing - heat, light, cleanliness, aesthetics of the house.

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