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HOW to decide on the move

How to decide on the move

Better two fires than one move. You can with this and disagree, but says the proverb.

But really, when you move spoils a lot of things, some of them - disappears without a trace, but still a lot of time and effort it takes.

How to be?



First, let's relax and panic. That would not talk about crossingah, just follow a few simple rules, and most of the lost, damaged and forgotten, you can quickly and easily see the new place.


So, the first thing is to take care ofsystematization. In other words, you need to make a list, which will be written, that it is in some box or bag (plus the entire boxes and bags should be numbered - for easy retrieval later).


Then you should pay attention to fragile itemssuch as vases, chandeliers (if you want to take), LCD monitors (because it is very sensitive to shocks items). In order to maintain them in a state of integrity and safety should not be used newspapers as does the bulk of relocating and soft cloths, towels and clothing (the one where there is no metal parts)


Then there is a question about transportation acquiredproperty. If your vehicle has a good capacity, the issue is almost solved - load and haul. But if not transported furniture.


If your vehicle is not present, it will be prudent to hire a team of movers that specialize in crossingOh. They usually have their own car ( "Gazelle" truck or high-duty vehicle type) and a pair of strong men for the operation "to make furniture - to place the furniture."


What is a definite plus these work crews - they do it quickly and professionally. But take a certain amount. However, with all this, crossing It will be more comfortable and easier than to do everything themselves.


And remember the golden rule is to move -take with them as little as possible of things. Furniture and bulky equipment - leave in the same place. In the new house everything must be new. And then good luck and wealth will certainly look at the housewarming.

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