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How to decide on an act


How to decide on an act</a>

Sometimes, very much depends on one and only action.

At this point, you clearly understand howA lot depends on one correct decision, you fully feel responsible for the future. And it is this responsibility that presses on you, creating fear of failure and other negative emotions.

Decide on the act becomes impossible.



To overcome the indecision, first of all,Remember: emotions are your main enemy. Emotions and logical thinking can not exist together, with confusion, chaos is obtained, because logic is based on facts, and emotions on visualized thoughts. Separate emotions from logic and be guided exclusively by logical thinking at the stage of preparation.


Divide the two stages - preparation and action. At the stage of preparation, you should calculate as much as possible all the possible consequences of an action, and you should be guided exclusively by logic, as described in the previous step. The best option is to put everything in writing.


The second stage is action. You have chosen the best option, and from the time you did it, you forgot the rest. There is no longer "if", there is only an ideal follow-up to all the items that must be met. Turn off the internal dialogue, you should not be tormented by thoughts and doubts. Take action, and only after you have successfully implemented this step, evaluate the result.

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