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How to fight unemployment


How to fight unemployment</a>

Unemployment is the scourge of the modern state.

Institutes produce too many humanitarian and legal professionals when companies need engineers, designers, physicists and biologists.



To reduce unemployment, you need to activelyTo cooperate with future specialists - schoolchildren. Tell them the advantages of unpopular, but very popular professions - engineers, technicians, even ordinary workers. Now there is a huge need for qualified personnel at the factories. But they are not, because children from the submission of parents go to study for lawyers, economists, managers of various profiles.


In addition to working with students,Advertise retraining courses. They are open at the district labor exchanges. There they teach the most demanded professions: a worker, an inspector, a hairdresser, a seller. A former manager or lawyer can try himself in a new business and, perhaps, will discover talents in himself. And, as you know, if a person likes his work, he can make the most dazzling career. And the knowledge gained at the institute will be very useful to him when he attains the leading position.


In addition to labor exchanges,State organizations that help to find work for young professionals. In some regions there are already such youth employment centers. But now they work only with graduates. It is necessary that the students, while studying at the last courses, already had the opportunity to find a part-time job in the specialty. Perhaps, at first it will not be paid. But anyway, the real work in the company is an indispensable practice, without which a young specialist simply can not be useful to most organizations. Since what is taught in institutions is quite different from the realities of business.

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