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How to deal with unemployment

How to deal with unemployment

Unemployment - a scourge of the modern state.

It produces too much humanitarian and legal profile of experts, when companies need engineers, designers, physicists and biologists.



To reduce unemployment, we need to activelycooperate with future specialists - students. Telling them the benefits of unpopular but very popular professions - engineers, technicians, even the ordinary workers. Who manufactures there was a huge demand for qualified personnel. But they do not, because the children from giving parents go to learn from lawyers, economists, managers of many different profiles.


In addition to working with students, should be widelypromote retraining courses. They are open at the regional labor markets. They are taught the most simple demand professions - worker, inspector, barber, salesman. Former manager or lawyer can try a new business and, perhaps, open the talents. As you know, if a man likes his job, he will be able to make the most dazzling career. And the knowledge gained at the institute, will be very useful to him when he rose to leadership positions.


In addition to labor exchanges must be createdgovernmental organizations, which help to find a job it is for young professionals. Some regions already have such youth employment centers. But now they only work with the graduates. It is necessary also to students studying in the last years, has had the opportunity to find part time for a degree. Perhaps the first time it will not be paid. But still, the real work in the company - an essential practice, without which a young professional just can not be useful for most organizations. Since what is taught in the institutions, it is quite different from the realities of the business.

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