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How to deal with the dirt in the hallway?

How to deal with the dirt in the hallway?

For good housewife cleanliness of the apartment hallway should be of paramount importance, because it is out dirt from the shoes gets into the house.

How to keep the hall clean?

You will need

  • -mat-
  • -a vacuum cleaner-
  • -polotentsa-
  • -chistyaschee sredstvo-
  • -vinegar-
  • -capacity-
  • -korzina for veschey-
  • -trash can.



Spread good mat just inside the door. After all, at the entrance to the house, taking a few steps, a large number of street dirt adhering to footwear to remain on the floor.


How to choose a mat? He should be well absorb water, to keep dirt and is easy to wash. It can be seen in its effectiveness when vacuum pad first with one and then the other.


Avoid washing svezheispachkannogo floor. It is better to wait for it to dry and sweep or vacuum clean it. For dry dirt is easy to assemble, and when you rub the dirt floor with a cloth, then spread the dirt further.


Swept or vacuumed? Now you can wash. Take a damp towel, put it cleaner and wipe the stains got on the floor and walls. Then treat the failure to repeal stubborn stains using the same paper towel after moistening it with vinegar.


To collect dirt and water from shoes position before entering any capacity. On its bottom throw absorbent mat, cork, paper, or even cat litter.


Start every child and adult in their familyown basket for shoes, backpack, umbrella and other things. 0m unnecessary newspapers and flyers is better to get rid of - they tend to be exactly in the hallway. Get there a separate bin for this garbage.

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