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How to deal with the arbitrariness

How to deal with the arbitrariness

The work can turn into a living hell, if you have to face every day with the arbitrariness chief.

Conflicts with the management spoil the mood, swinging nerves and fight off any interest in the work. Can I get rid of petty chicanery on the part of the chief, and put an end to tyranny?

What course of action should be chosen?

You will need

  • - Labor code-
  • - employment contract-
  • - Documents confirming the violation of your rights.



Analyze the situation. The fight against tyranny guide will be justified in the case of action Chief violate your rights set forth in the Labour Code. For example, you may refuse to grant annual leave not fully pay sick leave or travel expenses. If your rights are clearly violated with such arbitrariness is possible and necessary to fight bravely.


Refer to the district or municipal laborinspection of a written complaint to the actions of management. Clearly specify in the document their claims, paying priority attention to the facts of violation of your rights. Attach to the complaint documents that prove you disclosed violations. For example, this could be an employment contract, which defines your rights and obligations under the posts.


Wait until the complaint to the Labour InspectorateIt will be considered. Usually this term is thirty days, but can be extended by another month if the need to conduct a thorough check or request the relevant documents. The audit will be drawn up the act, and the company's management will receive an order with the requirement to eliminate violations of worker rights. Your leadership will be required to provide the labor inspectorate a written report on the measures taken.


If the chief of arbitrariness is not associated with impairedlabor law, and due to the nature of the person or the prevailing hostile relations between you, try to avoid open conflict. Clearly and in time to perform their duties and assignments, giving management a reason to nit-picking.


Remember that the best way to communicate with rudenessand prejudice - restraint. Be correct and courteous in dealing with the management, but do not go to the whiny tone. In no case did not go down to the mutual insults and verbal skirmishes. Your actions should not vyrehodit beyond the law.


Try to use the administrative resource,by submitting a substantiated complaint against the supervisor to higher management. An effective is also bringing to the resolution of the conflict situation of trade union organization of the enterprise, actively protecting the rights of its members.

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