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How to deal with procrastination

How to deal with procrastination

Of course, sometimes there is nothing wrong to defer the matter for later.

But if you do this with many importantbusiness, day after day, substituting the required classes burdensome household chores or entertainment, that is prokrastiniruete, should learn to deal with the habits, the ability to destroy your life.



Look for things to do with the other hand. Although they seem difficult or even impossible, just believe in yourself. If you have a long and laborious work, divide it into parts and allow yourself a little rest after each of them.


Learn to manage your time. Organization will save you from wasting power.


You can bring down the mood, with whom you are trying to approach the case. Replace thoughts like "I" and "I have to" to "I want to do it myself."


Think about something pleasant. Focus on good thoughts. Rainbow memories of you shall chase a temporary procrastination.


If you can not get to work, not drowning in self-flagellation, and go for a walk or sleep. Maybe you're just tired. Rest will help you.


Engage in self-discipline and will power train. Have yourself not only on procrastination, but also lower the level of his weak character.


If you wish to postpone any business for laterrepeated over and over again, try to figure out why it is so impossible for you. Maybe there is no sense at all for him to pitch, and you should pass it to another person. After learning the reason, you will understand what to do next.

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