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How to deal with prejudices

How to deal with prejudices

Prejudices make our lives easier. Preset patterns of behavior and reasoning considerably facilitate daily tasks.

However, they are rarely true. As a result, you may mistakenly refer to many things.

Is it good?


However, this can be combated, more importantly know how.



Try often given to meditation. For example, you can select half hour before bedtime. The main thing that you in those moments no one is distracted. During this time, think of all the decisions that you took without hesitation. This is especially true of relationships with others. This practice allows you to independently decide how you are being influenced by prejudice.


Set a reminder. For example, crumple the paper into a ball and put it in his pocket. Every time you stumble on it, think about what you have just taken. Perhaps, in your behavior was pre script. Check them and try to avoid next time.


Talk to your surroundings. Maybe you are doing something for many years simply because "so accepted." Get rid of such habits. Train yourself to be skeptical of unsubstantiated information. It may seem strange and frightening, but thanks to such actions you can become more independent and strong personality.

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