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There are many tricks in the fight against excess weight.

Their implementation does not require much effort, but the result will have an effect very quickly.

Proper food intake

To calculate the daily rate of the individualcaloric intake, divide the weight you want to achieve, by 0.45 and multiply by 14. Do not forget to eat breakfast, and eat during the day every 3 hours to reduce the risk of overeating. Do not eat on the run in front of TV or computer. The fact that the interruption of the meal, we unconsciously eat more than usual. If you are upset about something, take it easy at first, and only then sit down at the table. Beware of seizing their experiences. Meat and fish cook steamed oven where excess oil flows from the fibers, and is not absorbed in them, as in frying.

What to eat to lose weight

Include in the diet of red meat diet. Protein helps to increase muscle mass, which burns calories even when you are resting after a workout. Eat spinach and tomatoes. They contain large amounts of cellulose, the main enemy of fat. For 15 minutes before lunch, eat an apple. This technique allows you to burn up to 200 calories. Great for snacking - grenades. He interrupts the appetite and burns fat. Refuse salts, it retains water in the body. Such seasonings like soy sauce, olive oil, vinegar contribute to the rapid saturation. Slowly add them to food. Eating a side dish of beans or lentils instead of buckwheat and pasta, you can lose weight up to 2.5 kg per month.

Useful drinks Drink per day for one glass of fresh juiceof carrots, so you can lose up to 1.5 kg per month. This juice is considered to be a low-calorie, but high in fiber, clean the intestines. To remove fat from the abdomen, drink a day for a single glass of wine, and it is best to do it instead of dinner. Drink skim milk, a natural source of calcium, absorbing fats. At 20% speed up metabolism regular consumption of green tea rich in caffeine and antioxidant. Try to drink fresh juices and not recovered. As they have more fiber and less sugar.

Psychological tricks

Laugh a day at least 10 times. Prolonged emotions burn up to 280 calories per week. Eat from small plates, and all the big-chopped pieces. A portion of it will seem more and you will eat less. At the dinner table tranquil listen to classical music. Here you will chew more slowly and reduce your food intake by 15%. We invite you to dinner one who eats little. Looking at him, you yourself will eat less. After the meal, chew sugar-free gum. Let the body thinks that you are eating. Then again the appetite will soon.

Physical exercise

To stimulate the metabolism and enhance combustionadipose tissue do exercises on an empty stomach with vigorous strides and slopes. Rhythmic music during exercise can help you to extend the occupation and do not get tired. The most useful exercise for weight loss is considered to run, after which you need to look a bit like to fix the result. Try to climb the stairs on foot, instead of the elevator. Unpleasant sensations are only the first few days, and then you will even receive pleasure from this simulator.

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