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How to deal with overdue loans

How to deal with overdue loans

Situations in life there are different. Sometimes external circumstances are such that it is impossible to perform the obligations to the bank, and there is an overdue loan.

At the same time begin to accrue interest on the debt.

In this situation it is better to take measures that will help pay.



Try perezanyat money. You can refer to another bank or to friends. It is much easier to agree with the person on the loan than with a bank. The sooner you settle your debt, the better, as the penalty is calculated on a daily basis, and gradually the amount it may exceed the amount of the loan.


If capacity is not paid,contact the bank with a request to restructure. This procedure is to increase the term of the loan with a decrease in the volume of payments in the month. Many banks are going to take this step, but the increase in life will affect the total amount of interest that you overpay. To the bank agreed to write a statement, it read out the reasons why you find it difficult to pay the loan agreement.


Some banks allow deferred payment. For this, too, need to come to the branch where the loan was taken, and write a statement explaining the reasons. After the restructuring of the rescue, if there is no work. Let payment and less, but still without money is impossible to extinguish. Postponement can also be given for up to six months, but in each case it is solved individually.


Do not hide from the bank and not payreally, because after a while it will be forced to recover their money. Today, in the loan agreement specifies which way the bank can do it. The most common - an appeal to the court. The second most popular - appeal to collection agencies and credit resale. The third - its own security service, which will be a variety of ways to collect money.


If the delay on the loan is very large andexceeds the amount of the loan, you can apply to the court alone. The Court may stop the accrual of penalties to reduce their volume, put the timing of payments. If it will not be able to repay the same time, the paper will give bailiffs, which gradually will charge that amount.

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