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That's how the human society, that everyone should comply with certain laws and perform the duties.

However, many of it prefer not to remember, especially when occupy certain positions.

That is why civil society is necessary not only to respect the rights of others, and to remember his, demanding their strict implementation.



As soon as problems arise when dealing withofficials, immediately look for information relating specifically to your question. It is best to start by finding the laws that govern these things. If the issue is related to housing, help the Housing Code, taxes - Tax, land - land, etc...


Be sure to read the main law of the country -The Constitution and the Civil Code, which regulates the relations of the majority in the state, ranging from the protection of the rights in court and ending credits. More detailed information in each situation can be obtained in the study of various branches of law, such as criminal, administrative, labor, environmental, family and so on. D.


No less important will be the introduction toduties of civil servants when dealing with citizens. This information immediately will understand how officials should behave, what rights and responsibilities they have when dealing with citizens. A civil servant can only act according to the job description, which clearly states he is obliged to work with people.


Do not confuse the rights of officials and citizens. When a state employee is at work and fulfill their duties, it is the only official and can not be used when communicating with you mention that also has the ability to not do anything, like you, or that he underpaid. Becoming a civil servant, he voluntarily took upon itself certain restrictions necessary for the faithful execution of their duties. Therefore, improving the voice, extortion or abuse against citizens during the performance of his professional duties, it falls not only under the Administrative Code, but also under criminal (article on abuse of office). As a state employee gives the state more power and capabilities to carry out its activities in the benefit of citizens, he has a great responsibility for their actions than the average person.


The official time off is commonplacecitizen, which means that he is not entitled to enjoy any privileges as a civil servant. The most typical example - is the work of the police. Providing police resistance, when it is in the performance, subject to certain provisions of the law, but in the off-hours, you have the right to defend themselves, because they do not have the information about who he is and why he could attack you.


Once you realize that the official violates yourrights, foremost among which are human rights, and citizen specified in the Constitution, immediately write a complaint to his actions. Her you can send in the name of a superior official letter with return receipt requested, to pass through the secretary, making sure the second copy, at which the Secretary must put a stamp with the date of receipt of these documents. Today it is possible to take advantage of opportunities, and online applications, forms of which can be found at many public sites.


Do not be lazy to write complaints. The only way to force officials to perform their duties in accordance with the law. It is not necessary to apply only to the local authorities, is much more effective to apply immediately to the president, the government or the deputies. If necessary, re-submit the complaint. Believe me, a statement sent to the higher authorities, especially repeatedly, become local officer alarming and very often your problem is solved without bribes, and unnecessary queuing.

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