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How to deal with Medvedkov, the country

How to deal with Medvedkov, the country

Medvedka (another name - kapustyanka) - this insect in length from three to five centimeters, having a hard elytra and powerful forelegs.

Lives representative of the fauna only in the soil, on the surface appears rare.

If your summer cottage there is such apest as cricket, the fight against it should not be delayed, but in this case you will save their crops. The fact that kapustyanka very quickly multiplies and delay - certain death many horticultural crops.

In the fight against Medvedkov, the most commonly usedbaits and traps: they are installed and laid out in the warm season in the soil to a depth of about three centimeters (just at this depth live mole crickets in the summer). Baits can you buy or make yourself. For example, steamed grain of wheat and zinc - a good option, giving almost 100% results in the fight against kapustyankoy. Well with this pest manages to lure a Parisian greenery and bran (1:10 respectively). It must be remembered that the two above-mentioned means are very toxic and they should be used with extreme caution.

If you do not want to use poisonmatter, then there will help other methods. For example, the seating around the beds with vegetables chrysanthemums at a depth of three to five centimeters deter pests, and the "delicacy" of crushed eggshells, flavored with a small amount of vegetable oil, will contribute to the rapid death of insects.

Traps - one of the fastest and most efficientmethods to combat Medvedkov. All you need to do is dig a few liter cans in a bed on a level with the ground (you can use other deep container with slippery walls) and put them in, or pour bait (especially to taste kapustyankam beer). Since the mole crickets - insects that are most active during evening and night hours, then because of poor visibility, they fall into these same traps, but to get out of them already can not.

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