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How to deal with a bear in the country


How to deal with a bear in the country</a>

The bear (also known as cabbage) is an insect with a length of three to five centimeters, with rigid elytra and powerful forelegs.

This representative of the fauna lives exclusively in the soil, on the surface appears rarely.

If in your dacha section there is aA wrecker like a bear, then fight with him should not be postponed, only in this case you will save your harvest. The fact is that the cabbage sprouts very quickly and procrastination is the true death of many garden crops.

When fighting with a bear is most often usedBaits and traps: they are installed and laid out in the warm season in the soil to a depth of about three centimeters (it is at this depth that the bear live in the summer). Lures can be bought or made by yourself. For example, steamed wheat grains and zinc - a good option, giving almost 100% result in the fight against cabbage. Good with this pest copes bait in the form of Parisian greens and bran (proportions 1:10, respectively). It must be remembered that the two above-mentioned remedies are very toxic and should be used with extreme caution.

If you do not wish to use poisonousSubstances, then other methods will help. For example, sitting around the beds with chrysanthemum vegetables to a depth of three to five centimeters will scare off the pests, and a "delicacy" of crushed egg shell, flavored with a small amount of vegetable oil, will contribute to the rapid death of insects.

Trap is one of the fastest and most effectiveMethods of combating the bear. All you need to do is dig in a few liters of cans in the bed at a level with the ground (you can use other deep containers with slippery walls) and put or pour bait in them (especially for the taste of cabbage beer). Since the bears are insects, which are most active in the evening and night hours, because of poor visibility they fall into these same traps, but they can not get out of them.

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