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How to deal with environmental problems

How to deal with environmental problems

The environment is rapidly polluted due to human activities, so today many people care about environmental issues.

We should not think that alone you can not change anything.

Even a small contribution can help one person in the fight against environmental problems.



Humanity leaves behind a mountain of waste. Today, having gone to the forest, it's hard not to stumble on the bags and empty bottles left to rest here now. Get into the habit of always clean up after a litter, and communicate it to the ballot box. And you can do if you want it, and for others, and then the forest glade will look much nicer.


Try to use at home quicklydegradable packaging. Plastic and plastic film are degraded more than a hundred years. Get yourself a nice bag of cloth, which will be convenient to put the purchase, and do not take each time in a supermarket plastic bag. When choosing foods and beverages should prefer cardboard or glass containers, which can then be processed to give in. Do not use a plastic disposable tableware. And trash after you will be smaller.


Exhaust gases from cars - this is a problemeach city. Elektomobili or cars running on hydrogen engine that is not widely available, so the modern motorist can only reasonably handle your transport. Properly adjust the engine, use the LPG system, run the engine at idle. If desired, you can arrange with a colleague living nearby to toss each other in turns to work - it is minus one machine on polluted streets. And, of course, remember to walk is also nice, and the machine does not require you to visit places located far away from your home.


If you have little individual effort, becomea member of the current you have an environmental organization. Also, many large international companies involved in environmental issues, regularly needs volunteers. You can go to the Russian site "Greenpeace" and take part in the campaign to save the planet.

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