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How to deal with diaper rash in the newborn

How to deal with diaper rash in the newborn

The skin of newborns is very vulnerable and vulnerable. That is why the tender, delicate baby skin needs in a timely, thorough protection and special care, otherwise the inevitable variety of serious problems, the most common of which - diaper rash.

But do not despair, because to get rid of diaper rash can be quickly and easily by following simple rules of care for newborn skin.



Be sure to wash the newborn in eachchanging the diaper. Do not often use wet sanitary napkins, use them only when there is no possibility of substitution baby under running water. In no case do not leave a child in a wet and dirty diapers, change diapers more often, not less than 9 times per day. After cleaning the baby under running water, arrange his air baths, leaving naked for 15-30 minutes.


Wash children's clothes only with special detergentsfacilities for children. It is recommended to rinse the laundry at least twice. When changing the baby, pay attention, do not rub the delicate skin there things baby. When choosing baby clothes, pay attention to the fabric, it should be natural and good to absorb moisture.


If diaper rash is still there, it is necessarytimely start troubleshooting this problem, so as not to lead to the appearance of ulcers and deep cracks. Lubricate the damaged areas of the skin with special creams for children's diaper can also smear Vaseline oil, or use the powder. Well-proven zinc ointment, because it is well will dry damaged skin of your baby and relieve inflammation.

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