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How to deal with children's bedwetting?

How to deal with children's bedwetting?

Many of the parents are faced with such a problem as involuntary urination in a child during the day or night's sleep.

Do not panic about this, let alonemore blame for the wet sheets of their baby as the child might feel inferior and inward. Although up to 5-6 years of age enuresis is the norm from a medical point of view.

Therefore, you need to calm down and the right approach to the solution of this delicate problem.

To begin with, it is desirable to lay her child to sleepnot later than 22:00 pm, to the growing body fully relaxed and rested. Because when the baby falls late, it falls into a deep sleep and resting brain can not respond at the time of the body's signals.

The first - is to watch how much your childdrink fluids before bedtime. If, during a night of rest the baby described, then it is better to limit it to drink at night or replace tea or water to yogurt or yogurt.

Second - you should regularly raise their child innight so that he went to the pot. The kid must fully wake up and understand what you want from him. Otherwise, such rises will not bring the desired result, because the brain of a sleeping child will not accept these manipulations as a signal for action.

It is advisable to spend the night rises in the same time, because over time the body gets used to the baby such a regime, and the child himself will wake up to the toilet.

And if all these methods have not yielded the desired results, then you should consult your primary care pediatrician. He will appoint a comprehensive examination and you will be able to assign the appropriate treatment.

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