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How to deal with children's enuresis?


How to deal with children's enuresis?</a>

Many of the parents are faced with such problems as involuntary urination in a child during a day or night sleep.

Do not panic about this and so much soMore to blame for the wet sheets of your baby, because the child may feel inferior and close in himself. Although before 5-6-year-old age enuresis is considered the norm from a medical point of view.

Therefore, one should calm down and correctly approach the solution of this delicate problem.

To begin with it is desirable to put your child to sleepNot later than 22:00 pm, so that the growing body fully and quietly rested. Because when the baby goes to bed late, it falls into a deep sleep and the resting brain can not react to the signals of the body at the time.

The first is to observe how much your child isDrinks liquids before bedtime. If during the night rest the kid is described, then it is better to limit it to drinking at night or to replace tea or water with kefir or yogurt.

The second is to regularly raise your child inNight time for him to go to the pot. The kid should fully wake up and understand what you want from him. Otherwise, such upsurge will not bring the desired result, because the brain of a sleeping child will not perceive these manipulations as a signal to action.

It is advisable to carry out night climbs at the same time, because over time the baby's body will get used to such a regime, and the child himself will get up to the toilet.

And if all these methods did not bring the desired result, then you should contact your local pediatrician. He will prescribe a comprehensive examination and will be able to prescribe the appropriate treatment for you.

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