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How to deal with allergies in fees

How to deal with allergies in fees

Dog breed dachshund themselves very allergens.

The most common allergies are manifested in the chickenand pork on the dog food with the meat, to fish, to feed an economy class fatty varieties on red vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, carrots sometimes), dairy products, and, of course, on the sweets.

Allergies can be, not only for food but alsoPlants blooming in spring, their pyltsu- the land in which your dog digs in the progulke- water in forest river in which you bathe together summer- to fleas and ticks.

Allergy symptoms:

  • The fee starts to scratch her ears. They blush inside, may appear red pimples. In otitis fees may appear, at which the ears begin to flow, fester and unpleasant smell.
  • The skin on the abdomen and in the armpits begins to peel off, the dog often combs these places to the blood.

  • Between the pads in pet blisters that hard dog chews.

  • The eyes begin to tear or fester. It appears conjunctivitis.

  • If a severe allergic reaction may occur angioedema, in which the dog's muzzle and neck swelling.

If a dog has a food allergy, you have to translate it to a hypoallergenic dry food of high quality. In addition to dry food is required to give water.

If you feed your dog only naturalfeed and do not want to translate into a balanced finished feed, adjust the power pet. Permanently remove from the diet of chicken fees. This is perhaps the major allergen. Change it to a low-fat beef or rabbit. Stop feeding tomatoes and oranges. Do not give sweets. Food allergies in dogs can only be excluded by the "spear." Prepare your dachshund for a few days only rice or buckwheat porridge on the water, adding to a little vegetable oil. Maybe the dog will not be happy such a change in diet, but, hungry, eat. Be patient only: you do not starve fee, you get better her health. After all the allergy symptoms disappear, start adding other products to mush. Check each new ingredient for a week. So you build up a list of products that can have a dog. This treatment is quite long, but it is necessary for the health of your dachshund.

In non-food allergy symptoms are similar to allergiesfor food. In this case, it is desirable to refer to the vet and pass the necessary tests for allergens. In allergic reactions usually prescribe antihistamines to relieve itching and irritation. Neglected areas of skin allergies need to handle anti-inflammatory ointments, that they have not begun to rot. If angioedema dog can choke and swelling, in which case it is better not to delay the trip to the doctor.

Allergies in fees will never be cured completely,so treatment should be carried out from time to time. An allergy is not a sentence, if the time to notice and fix it, your pet will delight you with his whole life.

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