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How to deal with the fear of white coat

How to deal with the fear of white coat

Fear of the white robes - very unpleasant phobia complicated by the fact that people often can not recover from it without the help of professionals.

However, do not worry: you will be able to solve the problem.

Getting rid of the fear of white coats: the first stages

The first and most important thing to do -It is to recognize that a problem exists. Obsessive fear of white robes, people often prefer to hide. In such cases, even those who are faced with hypertension, arrhythmia, vascular dystonia and other diseases that require monitoring at the professional, argue that they have no time to visit the doctor.

Sometimes people at such a phobia, justified by the fact that many drugs and medical procedures require the costs. In fact, in such cases it is nothing more than a pretense.

Try to determine what scares you. Often the fear of white coats is not related to something specific: a person simply afraid to go to doctors, even if they understand that it is necessary. Think and specify that scares you the most. Maybe this unpleasant medical procedures, lack of professionalism of some doctors, fear of painful sensations, unwillingness to know about health problems. Find your reason and fight with them.
Defeat the fear of using the arguments of reason. For example, if you are very ill perceive inspection chest, genitals, rectum, think about the fact that such procedures though unpleasant, but short. Moreover, in many cases, they help to save human health and life, because thanks to them is possible to detect the disease in the early stages. Use positive arguments: "This procedure is necessary so that I was healthy and happy," "With the help of the doctors I feel great."

How to overcome the fear of white coats

If you realize that you are afraid of specific doctors,try to find other professionals. You can even ask for help in a private clinic, staffed by the best professionals. It is thanks to an experienced, skilled, knowledgeable doctors manage to overcome the fear of the patient before the dentistry, gynecology, proctology and other "scary" by doctors.

Do not hesitate to ask friends and relatives about what medical services they use. This will help you determine which professionals should not go, and to what - no.

Often, the fear of the white robe tied with fearbefore medical procedures. If you have to undergo treatment, ask your doctor to tell in detail what you feel, and how long it will last. According to the observations of psychologists, clear instructions to soothe, while the unknown - frightened.

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