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HOW spread linoleum

How to spread the linoleum

Linoleum - a very practical and at the same time inexpensive material.

To lay this flooring in the apartment, you can refer to specialists or to try to do it yourself.

You will need

  • - Glue for linoleum.



Before you lay linoleum, decide with himsize and location. As soon as you gain the right amount of material, prepare the floor surface: remove the old flooring and dispose of paint residues (after having taken out from the room absolutely all the furniture). for the flooring surface must be absolutely smooth.


Before laying linoleum you need itspread. Roll out the sheets of material spread out in the room as it should then lie all the canvas. Let them be in this form for at least one day (preferably 5 days). During this period, the surface of the new floor will be smooth, and the "waves" and other deformation will disappear forever.


After this time, you canproceed to further layout linoleum. Carefully inspect the room floors: the material will need to be cut so that it is exactly the same contour floor. Kroite very carefully and gently so as to leave a small margin, which can be further hidden under the baseboard. Cut should also be based on existing projections in the walls, doorways, etc.


If you have purchased a piece of flooring cut,linoleum have spread to a minimum. If features a two or more rolls of the flooring, in this case, can not do without seams. Dock together two pieces of fabric so that the surface is not "wrinkles". To lock and seal the seams, you can purchase a special glue. He firmly fasten components of the linoleum layer.


Expanding this material, be careful, careful and patient. Then you will succeed "excellent"!

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