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How to straighten a linoleum


How to straighten a linoleum</a>

Linoleum is a very practical and inexpensive material.

In order to lay this floor covering in your apartment, you can contact the specialists or try to do it yourself.

You will need

  • - glue for linoleum.



Before you put linoleum, decide on itSize and location. Immediately after you get the right amount of material, prepare a floor surface: remove the old floor covering and eliminate the remains of the paint (beforehand taking out all the furniture from the room). The surface for the flooring should be absolutely smooth.


Before laying linoleum you will need itTo straighten out. Roll out the sheets of material in the room in the way that the entire canvas should be afterwards. Leave them to lie in this form for at least one day (or better than 5 days). During this period, the surface of the new floor covering will become flat, and the "waves" and other deformations will disappear forever.


After the specified time, you canProceed to further layout of linoleum. Carefully inspect the floors of the room: the material will have to be cut so that it exactly repeats the floor contour. Croite very carefully and carefully so that there remains a small stock, which can be further hidden under the baseboard. It is also necessary to cut the roof taking into account the existing protrusions in the walls, doorways, etc.


If you have purchased a piece for the flooring,To straighten linoleum will have to a minimum. If you have two or more rolls of flooring, then in this case you can not do without seams. Dock two pieces of material together so that the surface does not "wrinkle". To fix and seal seams, get specialized glue. It will reliably fix the components of the linoleum layer.


While laying out this material, be careful, careful and patient. Then you will succeed in "excellent"!

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