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Which means the fish statue on Feng Shui

Davim pimples on the rules

Squeeze acne should be careful

The worst thing you can do with the hated pimple - try to squeeze it. Warning dermatologists that acne should not press, few people stops.

If you can not resist the temptation to do harakiri pimple, at least do it by the rules.

You will need

  • - Alcohol or hlorgeksidin-
  • - vata-
  • - A needle.



Thoroughly wash your face and hands. Ideal - disinfect hands after washing with chlorhexidine. It can be purchased at the pharmacy, is mere penny, but excellent saves from getting germs that can aggravate the inflammatory process or lead to a new inflammation.


Clean the area with alcohol or an alcohol-inflammatory tonic.


Inspect the pimple. If it is ripe, it will be seen the head of the white. You do not see anything like that? Then it is better not to tempt fate and put harakiri until the next day. Opening unripened pimple is fraught with the appearance of a scar! The best day to suffer, than to try to bring a lifetime scar.


Prepare the needle. It must necessarily be sterile. To do this, place it for 5-10 seconds in alcohol or chlorhexidine. You can use the needle from the syringe.


Gently pierce the needle head maturepimple in the horizontal direction. With such a puncture turn two holes. Puncture should be located as close as possible to the top. Do not try to stick a needle into a pimple!


Press down a spot from the bottom up, but only slightly. When pressed from the top down, you can earn even more profound inflammation. If acne is time, pus will begin to drain through the holes himself. No? So, set aside the procedure for a couple of days.


Disinfect the spot after leaking pus andapply any anti-inflammatory action of a point or a drug with the active ingredient benzoyl peroxide. In Russian pharmacies drugs with the substance sold under the brand names "Baziron", "Deskvam", "Benzakne", "Proderm".

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