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DAVE acne by the rules


Extrude acne with caution</a>

The worst thing you can do with a hated pimple is to try to squeeze it out. Prevention of dermatologists that it is not necessary to suppress acne, few stop.

If you can not resist the temptation to make hara-kiri pimple, even if it's done according to the rules.

You will need

  • - alcohol or chlorhexidine-
  • - wool-
  • - A needle.



Wash your face and hands thoroughly. The ideal option is to disinfect hands after washing with chlorhexidine. It can be purchased at a pharmacy, it costs a mere penny, but it excels from getting microbes that can aggravate the inflammatory process or lead to a new inflammation.


Wipe the place of inflammation with alcohol or alcohol-containing tonic.


Look at the pimple. If it is ripe, it will have a white head. Do not you see anything like this? Then it is better not to tempt fate and postpone hara-kiri until the next day. Opening of an unripe pimple is fraught with the appearance of a scar! It is better to suffer a day than to try to bring a scar all my life.


Prepare the needle. It must be necessarily sterile. To do this, place it for 5-10 seconds in alcohol or chlorhexidine. You can use a needle from a syringe.


Carefully pierce the head of the ripened needle with a needlePimples in the horizontal direction. With this puncture, two holes will be obtained. The puncture should be located as close as possible to the top. Do not try to stick a needle inside the pimple!


Squeeze the pimple from the bottom up, but only lightly. With pressure from the top down, you can earn even deeper inflammation. If the pimple time has come, the pus will start to drain through the holes itself. No? So, postpone the procedure for a couple of days.


Disinfect the pimple after leakage of pus andApply any anti-inflammatory agent of point action or a drug with the active substance benzoyl peroxide. In Russian pharmacies, drugs with this substance are sold under the brands "Baziron", "Desquam", "Benzakne", "Proderm".

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