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DANGEROUS whether infrared heater

Harmful if infrared heater

Today, a heater can be seen in many apartments.

Such devices allow you to survive the off-seasona time when the heating is not yet given, but it's getting cold. They also help to keep warm in extreme cold, when the house is stoked, but still it is not warm enough.

The modern market offers a lot of options, among which there are different heaters.

The most ambiguous attitude cause infrared heaters. There is a perception that they are harmful to health.

It is necessary to find out whether this is so.

Harm infrared heater - myth or truth?

In layman who sees this invention onshelves, it may be questioned its safety. It does not cause harm to the health of an infrared heater? This concern is largely due to the fact that the word "infrared" sounds a bit otpugivayusche, associated with ultraviolet light or radiation.

The sun emits both types of radiation - and IR, and UV. A infrared heater - according to the manufacturers - acts as the sun, but without the UV light.

But in reality, nothing of the sort in thisdevice does not. Moreover, infrared waves have long been used in medicine for the treatment of various diseases. They are well accepted by the human body and allow you to effectively deal with the illnesses.
The same principle is at the core of the heater. Infrared waves, like the sun's rays are transferred to the human body and quickly it warms.
Do not confuse the infrared and ultraviolet radiation. The second is really dangerous for the health, the first is considered to be quite harmless.

The advantages of infrared heaters

Compared with infrared heatersothers can identify a number of its advantages. A device that emits infrared waves, able to warm themselves around all the items to which it is directed. Even when the heater is already off, heated floor, ceiling and walls continue to give its heat, and in the room for a long time retained a comfortable temperature for humans.

Infraksrany thermal device can also be used to keep warm outdoors (on the balcony, veranda).

For comparison, devices or oily Convectionare able to heat the air only. In this case, to heat the room, they need a certain time. To heat the premises maintained their almost constant need to keep enabled, which adversely affects the electricity bills.
Furthermore, when using an infraredthe heater is no need for additional use of a variety of humidifiers, which will inevitably have to do when the other thermal devices. The air at the work of this unit is not dried. This technique can even destroy the mold and dampness, which can not be said of its competitors.

Do you still harmful to the health of infrared heaters

However, some harm IR heatersbring still capable. First of all, with regard to their proper operation. Previously, the earliest models of these devices were considered quite flammable. It was quite a fall that there was a fire. Today heaters are available, equipped with several sensors that shut off power from the mains when the device is accidentally dropped.
However, in all possible proportion of error. If the instrument will misfire, including any sensor, it can not work at the time. Therefore it is better to choose the wall model, but for the floor to look good and keep them away from children.
In addition, when purchasing the device pleasespecial attention to the manufacturer and the composition of the device. There is the risk of acquiring counterfeit infrared heater. When heated with the heat they emit into the air various harmful compounds.

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