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How to dance to pop music

How to dance to pop music

Popular music, without which no cost, no one party, family or corporate event, designed for dancing.

However, not everyone knows how to move under these fast rhythms.

The fact is, that as such the dance style to pop music does not exist, but you can borrow from other dance movements.



In the style twist
Renaissance fashion "stilyazhnuyu" theme madeimmortal dance twist particularly relevant. Remember the lesson of the "Caucasian captive" and repeat the movement "oppressive butts" with both feet. Now try to dismiss one foot exactly in the way, then the other. Crosses to the left and to the right, then turn forward with both feet. Complete the movements of the legendary dance performed by Uma Thurman and John Travolta in "Pulp Fiction" - gestures of hands in the face. Do not worry if you feel that your dance will cause other people smile. Most likely, they go to join the electrifying body movements.


In the disco
Current popular music actively flirtsand a different style of past decades - disco. Electronic beats and synth accompaniment will set you on the right footing. The wide hand movements "from corner to corner," vigorous stepping feet, bouncing, turning on the spot and claps make a simple, but very expressive image of the dance.


In the style of tectonics
Style Techtonik focused on club music,but fit for him and popular rhythms. This dance is performed in almost the same place, with rhythmic shaking hips. A characteristic feature of tectonics - the broad movements of the arms. Asymmetrical, non-monotonic movements of hands, shoulders and neck make this dance is very spectacular. Diversify the dance pattern can be stepping feet in time to the music, by bending the knees. Enlisting the video course on the Internet, or under the supervision of a coach at the school dance, you learn a few lessons the basic movements.

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