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How to dance under pop music


How to dance under pop music</a>

Popular music, without which there is not a single party, family or corporate party, is created for dancing.

However, not everyone understands how to move under these fast rhythms.

The fact is that as such dance style for pop music does not exist, but you can borrow movements from other dances.



In the style of twist
Revival of fashion on the "style" theme madeImmortal dance twist is especially relevant. Remember the lesson from the "Caucasian Captive" and repeat the movement "pressing the butt" with both feet. Now try to set one leg aside, then the other. Cross left and right, then forward alternately with two legs. Supplement the movements of the legendary dance performed by Uma Thurman and John Travolta from the "Pulp Fiction" - gestures of the palms in the face. Do not worry if you think that your dance will cause other people to smile. Most likely, they go to join incendiary gestures.


In the style of disco
Modern popular music actively flirtsAnd with another style of the past decades - disco. Electronic rhythms and the accompaniment of synthesizers will set you on the right way. Broad movements of hands "from corner to corner," vigorous stepping, bouncing, turning on the spot and clapping will form a simple, but very expressive dance figure.


In the style of tectonics
Style Techtonik is focused on club music,But popular rhythms are also suitable for him. This dance is performed almost in one place, with rhythmic rocking of the hips. A characteristic feature of tectonics is the wide movements of the hands. Asymmetric, non-monotonous movements of the hands, shoulders and neck make this dance very spectacular. You can diversify the figure of the dance by stepping over the legs to the rhythm of the music, bending the knees. Having secured a video course on the Internet, or under the guidance of a coach at the dance school, you will master the basic movements in a few sessions.

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