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HOW Tatar dance dance

How to Dance Dance Tatar

Tatar dance insane incendiary whilethey could not be better emphasize the character of its people. Dance can be because of the national preference, and in the course of professional choreography classes, and as a hobby.

Many movements Tatar dances are similar to each other, so learn how to fulfill them is not so difficult.

You will need

  • - Tatar folk music-
  • - People kostyum-
  • - Two handkerchief.



Change clothes in the desired order to feel like a real Tatar and Tatar folk music switch.


After that, proceed to learning the movements. Bend left leg at the knee and lift up high. Proschityvaya tact, to "just" straighten the left leg and place it crosswise to the right on "and" a little bend the right leg at the knee, and "two" put her foot next to the left. Repeat this movement several times.


Proceed to turn the feet. On "one" move the center of gravity on the heel and gently lift the toes, take them to the right and drop to the floor. On "two" move the center of gravity on your toes and narrower heel raised, lower them to the ground. Repeat the dance element exclusively with the right movement.


Next dance element called "accordion". Do it for one clock cycle, where "one" lift the heel of the right foot and the toes of the left, after the withdrawal of their right hand, and by connecting the toes, heel dissolve. At the expense of "two" lift the toes of the right foot and the heel of the left, right, and take them by connecting the heel, disconnect socks. Actually, one movement is the opposite of the other.


Follow the steps squats. To do this, become smooth and, picking up scarves, pull them up. After that, a little sit down on the right foot and the left bend at the knee and try to pull it forward a bit. Then, on account of "time" straighten both legs and take a step forward with the left one. On "and" sit down on his left leg and his right hand, bent at the knee, lift up slightly. On "two" straighten your knees and both feet again, making a small step forward, stand on the whole foot, right foot. Hands should always be raised. Repeat this movement several times.

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