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How to dance hopak

Folk dances are always striking in their emotional intensity: passionate or sad, expressing the joy of life or suffering. Especially clearly seen in the daring hopak.

To dance it with soul, not necessarily born Ukrainian, if you want to master its movements as possible.



Take care of the appropriate attire ifwant to learn how to dance hopak: it is important to create an appropriate mood, in order to integrate into the culture of Ukraine, feel lad or maiden. If you can not take the national costume, wear loose pants, resembling trousers, tuck in their shirt does not restrict movement. The girls perform a dance, dressed in a loose dress or a blouse with a skirt to the knees. On foot they put on soft boots.


Teach basic movements hopak. Start with his distinctive dance step -beguntsa that can be performed as in moving forward and backward. Take the starting position: feet parallel to each other (at the sixth position), put your hands on the belt Gather into a fist. Do not forget that hopak - emotional dance, and movement should be clear, strong and bright. Alternately, take out his right hand and the left foot jump forward, while the second should be slightly springy.


Stay in the same starting position, tounlearn one basic element - imbedded. This element is best to learn music, to connect it to the tempo and rhythm of the music. Alternately stamped his right and left foot. In the case of triple imbedded with his right foot sequence is as follows: right - left - right - pause.


Master the third main dance move -rope. Stand up straight, place the foot in the third position: toes slightly apart, the heel of the right foot is near the left foot, the hands in the same position. One foot follow the jump, while the second movement By doing up to the calf support and back.


Browse through a few records to the dance, to look at the possible combinations of the basic elements, and come up with their own variation.

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