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HOW dancing hava

How to dance Hava-Nagila

Hava-Nagila - Jewish wedding dance, which is distinguished by its beauty and rhythm.

Perhaps you do not belong to this people, but your bride or groom are Jews, so learn all the elements that you have to dance.

This will give a flavor of this triumph of the Jewish wedding.

You will need

  • - two chairs-
  • - a silk scarf-
  • - Jewish music.



Put the disc in the player with the Jewish folk music, as if on a celebration with live band, then ask her to play something like that.


After that, put two chairs in the center of the room,that while the music the bride and groom were able to sit on them. Also ask about the chairs to be more strong men, who in the course of the dance will raise Suite up without any problems.


Collect all the guests around the center of the room in orderthat they danced near the young. Movements should fit the rhythm of the music, that is, first be unhurried and malleable, and then gradually accelerate. Tell all those present to join hands and start to move, first to the right side with the left foot, and then on the right. The next movement starts with the fact that the left foot is placed by the right, the latter is the next step. All these elements are repeated.


Warn the bride and groom that backIt should be kept in a slightly tilted state in order to prevent the accident, and could not always hold on to the edge of the chair. Then prepare a silk scarf and let one end of the bride, the groom and the other, the moment will give a dance even more touching and sincere. Also advise the newlyweds while waving a scarf so that guests could pass under it. By the way, among the latter must be the parents of the spouses.


In the small can play the dance sceneabout the future of family life, such as housekeeping or parenting. This is to ensure that young to remember their responsibilities to each other. Then divide all the guests present on the side of the bride and groom so as to form a kind of gap that later in the course of the dance should disappear and all present merge into one friendly company between them.

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