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How to dance breakdance

Break dance originated in the late 1960s in the Bronx. Initially it was called «Good Foot», on the name plate of James Brown's famous musician musician.

The basis of the combination of the dance lay downs and rotations.

Later, the name was transformed in bboying and dance meant by broken lines (break) rhythms.



Brakedance - Quite a virtuoso dance requires goodphysical fitness. Even before the start of classes actually break dancing, dancers learn to stand on his hands and head, on one hand, strengthen the back muscles and stretching up to develop twine. Since some elements are not available in some denseram very quickly breakdance divided into two styles - simple upper and lower grade.


Classes begin with a general warm-up. The first exercise - head rotation in the clockwise and anti-clockwise. Shook his head back and forth and sideways.
Then, in the same way rotate fists are clenched hands. Then linked them to the castle, cave up and vnih.
Warm up the shoulder girdle consists of rotationsshoulders back and forth. Then raise and lower them. Try to keep the shoulders back first, then the front. Wave your arms totally relaxed, like a rope. Ideally, they should be completely parallel to the shoulders.
Put your hands on the belt. Lean over the body to the right and to the left, then back and forth. Then again, his arms. When tilted, if you have a good stretch, the hands will touch the floor.
The total stretch. Standing bend in half, trying to stretch the face in his knees. Fix the position for a few seconds. Then sit down, straighten your legs and reducing ourselves and repeat. Make a few more exercises for muscle stretching, but not pereuserdstvuyute - is just the beginning.


Basic movements of breakdancing. Standing with your feet together. Wave before a first one arm, then the other. Wave each leg right and left.
Squatting, pull your right leg to the side. Gently move the center of gravity on it, moving parallel to the floor. Then back.
Stand up, lean against the wall, putting his hands on her. Legs pull back, shifting from foot to foot, slowly at first, then accelerating.

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