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How to dance a break


How to dance a break dance</a>

The break dance originated in the late 1960s in the Bronx. It was originally called "Good Foot", after the name of the plate by the famous musician James Brown.

At the heart of the dance lay the combination of falls and rotations.

Later, the name was transformed into b-boying and meant a dance for broken (rhythmic) rhythms.



Brakedance - enough virtuosic dance, requiring a goodPhysical training. Even before the beginning of the breaks, the dancers learn to stand on their hands and head, on one hand, strengthen the back muscles and develop a stretch up to the twine. Since some elements are not available to some densers, very quickly the breakdance was divided into two styles - a simplified upper and a full lower one.


Classes begin with a general warm-up. The first exercises - the rotation of the head clockwise and counter-clockwise. Shake your head back and forth and to the sides.
Then, in the same way, the hands clenched into fists rotate. Then lock them in the lock, bend them up and out.
Warm-up workout consists of rotationsShoulders back and forth. Then raise and lower them. Try to reduce the shoulders first behind, then in front. Wave completely with relaxed hands, like ropes. Ideally, they should be completely parallel to the shoulders.
Put your hands on your waist. Lean the whole body to the right and left, then back and forth. Then repeat with your hands down. When tilted, if you have a good stretch, your hands will touch the floor.
General stretching. Stand bent in two, trying to rest your face on your knees. Lock the position for a few seconds. Then sit up, straighten and fold your legs in front of you and repeat. Do some more stretching exercises, but do not overdo it - it's just the beginning.


Basic break-dance moves. Standing, legs together. Wave first with one hand, then the other. Wave each leg on the right and left.
Squatting, take your right foot to the side. Smoothly move the center of gravity onto it, moving parallel to the floor. Then back.
Stand up, lean against the wall, putting your hands on it. Legs take back, shift from foot to foot, at first slowly, then speeding up.

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