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How to dance belly dancing

How to dance belly dancing

Belly dance itself fascinating and is not given to each woman.

But the basics of oriental art form to learn is not that difficult.

You will need

  • Ballet shoes on their feet, sports leggings, special hip scarf sewn with tinkling ornaments, CDs with oriental melodies.



Oriental dance - this is in addition to the execution ofmovements, and the atmosphere created by the music. For the first lesson is not necessary to select for musical accompaniment complex classical oriental melodies. You can stay at the popular songs of Tarkan and Mustafa Sandal.


Oriental dances are built on performancecertain elements, movements that accompany the words in the song. That is, there is a combination of words, and it corresponds to the movement. For example, in the song of the beloved, "habibi". When this word is usually hand dancers pressed to the chest, the heart.


Oriental dance is no accident called the danceabdomen. The movements of this part of the body are the main elements in the dance and at the same time the most difficult to execute. For a beautiful performance waves, curling is necessary to have a completely uninhibited, soft belly. Here we have in mind is not a big stomach, as many people think, and pumped up the press, which is absolutely impossible to relax. In the solar plexus you should not have any muscle and psychological clamps. The dance is important to learn to relax and stretch the stomach on the inhale and exhale in a certain rhythm. At the same time your face should be completely relaxed, no clenched teeth and jaw tense.


Movement of the hips - another business cardbellydance. In the music of the east lot of drum rhythms and beats. They are accompanied by movements of the hips: gluteal jerky, circular motions, eights. It is important not to clamp the pelvis (such as yoga), and vice versa, perform the elements of the "open" hips. Belly dance in their dance style chaste, but its implementation requires the accumulation of all women feminine.


The dance is actively involved hands. But at the same time work and back muscles and neck. In dance, you need to keep the back straight, do not slouch. Do not be afraid to disclose the movement hands to show their beauty. The abundance of rings and bracelets on your hands will only strengthen their attractiveness. Gestures are a very important part of the dance - they can talk about love, but you can erase from your heart.

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