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Daily family quarrels over trifles: what to do


Young couples often find themselves unprepared forHousehold problems, which are the reasons for family quarrels over trifles. Do not spoil your mood with such troubles, because they can be very effectively dealt with.

The quarrels are an inevitable part of family life

A young married couple will have to realize the fact,That completely avoid conflicts and quarrels will not work. Sooner or later they all the same arise, since it is natural for a person to argue and conflict even with himself. You just need to learn quickly and, if possible, overcome them without serious consequences.

How to behave if the conflict has already happened

If the quarrel has already happened, stay calm. Try to communicate clearly and clearly your point of view, without necessarily using obscene language and insults. Supporting the quarrel, you not only will not convince the partner of your own truth, but only exacerbate the situation.

During the conflict, first of all trySuppress anger and calm down. Otherwise, you can break down and finally quarrel with your partner. If your character is more reserved and calm than your spouse, try not to start quarreling yourself.

If you want to ask for a partner inEveryday life, do it not orderly in tone, but in the form of a request. Tell us about your state during conflicts and about your feelings. Describe how tired you are of quarrels and ask for help. Surely the partner will calm down and agree to do what you ask without scandal.

If the argument has escalated into a quarrel, you do not have to rushMutual reproaches and insults, just describe what makes you take such a point of view. If you want to buy something, and your half is against, you do not need to rebuke a partner in response to the fact that he also spends a lot. Try to explain why you want to buy something, describe the benefits of this thing, its benefit to you.

If this does not work for the partner, saveCalm and keep pushing. In the end, the partner, seeing your unshakable calm and confidence, will tire of arguing with you and agree. If the spouse persists anyway, try to justify it. Tell him that you understand his feelings and you know that it's hard for him, too. After that, again gently repeat your request. Even if you do not win the conflict, it's better to argue peacefully than to quarrel and be one step closer to destroying the family.

If you feel that a light quarrel over triflesSoon grow into a scandal, suggest postponing the conversation for later. Tell the partner directly that you do not want to continue the conflict and that both of you need to resolve the situation peacefully. Try to offer a compromise that suits everyone. Do not rush and give half time to think things over. In turn, listen to the compromise version of your partner. Perhaps, it is worth agreeing to him.

A great surprise for the husband / wife will beA compliment in the midst of a dispute. Instead of already inactive proposals to reconcile, you can say that you do not want to lose such a splendid discounter and a fiery orator. A slight hint of an immediate joint trip to a movie or a cafe is also effective.

During the skirmishes, always watch your speech. Do not allow the appearance of angry notes in the voice and too sweeping gestures. Your icy calmness will make quarrels pointless and next time will definitely stop a too hot partner from inflating the conflict out of petty trouble.

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